About Me

Hello Darlings,
If you’re here, you’re here for a reason.
Whether it be for a good old stalk, to dig up dirt, to write that award winning VOGUE article on me, or because you like what I do.
Whatever it be,

I could be all fancy and write this in third person as if my personal assistant #iwish wrote it for me, full of pithy anecdotes about my childhood and favourite food.
But really both of those aren’t overly entertaining. My childhood was perfection and my favourite food is whatever I can get GF #coeliaclife that doesn’t feel like cardboard or taste like a block of sugar.

I am a high school educator. A photographer. Wandering Creative. A people pleaser. Virgo. A dog lover….. Ah… What else do you want to know? Recovering perfectionist. High Achiever. Passionate Arguer. Lover of Learning….

I started writing when I realised I wanted too, and I was good at it. No place for humble brags here. I have stories to tell and hopefully you want to read some fairly good new fantasy work coming out of Australia.