Build a Tribe that Pushes You

I’m talking the

  • Woo Girls & Hype Men
  • Celebrators & Commiserators
  • Team Mates & Coaches

Those people you can call and celebrate as much as you can have a whinge

People that push you before you think you’re ready, because they know full well you’re ready

Let me preface this by saying, your tribe will change. People will come and go, you will outgrow, they will move on, passions will change and timelines will conflict.
But those people when they are there, and they are in your tribe and you theres?

There is a magic in that.

I have a tribe for my educational career. My writing goals and career aspirations. A tribe for my love of small business and entrepreneurship.

Having different tribes is not a bad thing. If anything it is a case of survival.

For why wouldn’t you surround yourself with people who not only wish you well, but also have similar passions, interests, motivations and/or goals.

My Ever Evolving Writing Tribe

To keep this small, and not hurt anyones feelings, I will point out these darlings in the photograph. And not drown you in the countless names of people who do geniunely wish me and my writing well. #veryblessed

These ladies however, these ladies are special.

The four of us studied under the tutelage of Fiona McIntosh (second from left) at her Mini Masterclass in 2018. (Read about it HERE)
We then caught up together at her National Conference in 2019.

And all throughout, we have supported, comforted, pushed, cheered, taught and nurtured one anothers progress.

Caroline Dunn

Caroline not only lives in the same state as me, but only about an hour and a half up the road. We have done classes together, gotten together to do writing lock ins at the public library, messaged each other at all of hours of the day and night, and just generally supported one another. Caroline is working on a young adult manuscript with a speculative fiction twist. Her idea is utterly glorious and I can not wait to read it and tell her so.
Instagram @carriegracewriter

Fiona McIntosh

Fiona McIntosh is an internationally celebrated author, with over 25 books under her belt in three different genre’s. This woman is a machine. She writes and publishes a book a year. For instance, in Nov 2019, she was on tour for her recently released novel, The Diamond Hunter, while getting her latest edit for her 2020 manuscript to her editor by the end of Dec 2019, to then start writing her 2021 novel in Jan. (which she had already researched) In between her writing career, Fiona has built upon the foundations created by Bryce Courtney Masterclasses and created an empire of adoring writers, who have attended her workshops over the past 5 years.
Fiona is personable, candid, a wealth of knowledge and very giving of her time. Her classes have given me a solid foundation from which to build my writing career on. Now I just have to make it happen.
Instagram @followingfionamc

Jacinta Rose

Jacinta’s dedication to her craft is only seconded by her want for us all to succeed. Constantly sharing her knowledge, whether it be about Social Media, articles she’s stumbled across, or opportunities we might be interested in, you can genuinely feel the love, though she is across state-lines from us all. Jacinta has a fire in her belly that will see her topping the charts in Womens Literature in the not too distant future. And I can’t wait to see her do it.
Instagram @jacinta_rose_writer

Anna Greene

Anna loves books and how they can bring a community of people together. Her enthusiasm and hunger for a good story means she always asks the most insightful questions about our manuscripts when we are throwing around ideas or nutting out problems. Anna is the ideal reader to me, for while she doesn’t read fantasy #notyetanyways, she gets so animated when describing a character or a scene, her desire for us to live through those moments keeps a smile on my face.
Instagram @anni_greene

These women push me to be a better writer. Through Practice & Learning. Sharing the wins with the moments of pain. But by always moving forward.

World of Instagram, Face 2 Face Classes, Workshops, Book shop workers, Beta Readers & Librarians

I see you my darlings. The instagrammers who always throw me a like, and the occasional comment. My friends who are avid readers and I have somehow, magically convinced to be my beta readers. Those people I have done courses with, who we run into one another at other courses, libraries and signings. My favourite book shop workers and librarians, who always open my eyes to new experiences.
Some of you have names, some do not.

But you are all apart of my writing tribe.
And I am thankful for you.

Remember to give a hug to your woo girls and hype men. They are special beings who survive on the magic of your passions and creations, so share your somethings and allow them to shower you in their love.

For you deserve it,

S x

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