The Power of Doing Things Before You’re Ready

Story time…. I’m a little neurotic, Type A, super organised, planner who may also be a recovering #peoplepleaser.

So the idea of doing something before I was ready was a little foreign to me, to say the least.

I’m that person who reads the menu online before we go to a restaurant. Writes lists upon lists for potential adventures on weekends off, with time and $$ alongside for easy reference. My handbag is always a Mary Poppins of #whatifs and for work I read policies and procedures, to be that person in meetings who can clarify. #promiseimfuntobearound

And yet….

A year ago I decided to start diving in before I was ready. Before I had laminated my notes. Sharing before I had perfected.

I am pushing myself to dive in.
It’s hard. Like, I can really struggle its that hard.

I know it’s good for me.

You know what helped push me into trying new things and sharing with others before it was polished? A quote I stumbled upon which read…

Overplanning kills magic


Not very profound is it.

And yet it hit me like the looming ticking of my timelines and expectations just had 10 years taken off their end date.

I started looking in to the idea. Was it just the war cry of those who weren’t prepared and wanted to flaunt their #carefree ways? Or was there merit to their idea?

I began to discover artists and writers, business magnates and athletes all expressing their profound success where because they started before they where ready. They jumped in, and they where encouraging me to do the same!

“It’s a terrible thing, I think, in life to wait until you’re ready. I have this feeling now that actually no one is ever ready to do anything. There is almost no such thing as ready. There is only now. And you may as well do it now. Now is as good a time as any.”

Hugh Laurie

Little Things I have Done Before I was Ready

  • Performed my ukulele at a staff talent show. I slipped keys, lost my strumming pattern and yet by the end of the song, I never wanted it to finish.
  • Applied for higher certification in my teaching profession. I had only been teaching 4 years, and yet I wanted to push myself and see if I could do it. And if I couldn’t, at least I’d know what to focus on. I was definietly not ready at the start, and yet by the end, I passed it with flying colours. My colleagues supported me, I treated it with respect and gave it the time it deserved, and I learnt lots.
  • Attended a serious writing workshop. This was a game changer. I was surrounded by serious business writers, hobbyists, dabblers, wannabe top 100 best book list writers. And there was me. Someone who wanted and dreamt of big things, and yet hadn’t sat down and put in the time I would normally before dedicating to a workshop. Read about my experience here and why I highly recommend it to everyone who needs a kick up the creative butt.
  • Built a house. I saved my coins for years. So did my partner. And yet every moment we wanted to, we held back. I didn’t understand lenders insurance. What was an offset account. But after a good conversation with a friend, what I realised was I was afraid of learning new things and doing it wrong. So we began surrounding ourselves with people who knew the things. The money things. The landscaping things. And I pushed down my vulnerability, and asked for their help. And we are now building our first home.
  • Taking photos for my socials. I should wait until I lose weight. I should buy that outfit to make me look more fun. I can’t take the photo here, the landscape isn’t profound enough. Or, I could just take the damn photo. And share my real and authentic life with my growing community of darlings. #takethedamnphoto

Changing my headset came down to a little trick I learnt at a weekend retreat focused on personal growth.

You are not scared. You are not nervous. Those are not butterflies within your belly.

That is the fire of anticipation. Excitement.
The desire to do and learn something new.

And once I started making myself think like that, that all of my worries where really excitement masked behind childish fears or the self doubt monster of procrastination, I began to look for ways to push myself.

And I feel better for it.

What do you do to push yourself out of your comfort zone? To take charge and allow yourself to enter into moments of vulnerability?

I’d love to know. Comment below and let’s start a conversation darling!

S x

PS – If you want to read a much better article than my own, check out James Clear on Successful People Start Before They Feel Ready. Great insights from the likes of Richard Branson and James.

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