Adventures with Impostor Syndrome

Real talk?

I’ve been right in the middle of struggle town the last couple months, just feeling like everything I created was not worthy. It wasn’t reflective of my skills. It was basically hot garbage.

I was trying to create.
Don’t get me wrong.

I would sit at my computer, fingers hovering over the keys, ready to type. I would take a deep breathe. And then hit my word count goal for the day.

But I kept leaving feeling disheartened.
Like what I had written was hot garbage.

And then maybe a month ago, I was talking to my sister in law and she asked how my writing was going.

Enter #pitypartyshannon and I just laid it all out. How I was feeling. How that was affecting other areas of my life.

She listened. And nodded. She didn’t look away nor screw her face up at the awkwardness of a creative’s soul bleeding.

And then when it was her turn to speak, she gave me some much needed advice.


Even if you’re not ready.
Someone that loves you and can motivate you. Excite you in to progressing forward.

And so I did.
And it was kind of liberating.

I shared my first 3 chapters. Not really polished, but not quite raw, with 3 people.

I wrote a little cover letter. Gave them some quetions to answer if they so wished (so they didn’t feel terrified about reading my raw work)
Promised them, if they never got around to it, that’s totally fine.

As this was as much about me sharing, as it was about getting potential feedback, or the conversations that would come after.

And you know what, the minute I left those envelopes and a small chocolate on my friends desks, I felt lighter.

Like the cloak of #impostersyndrome was starting to peel off.

Since then, I’ve been looking in to other ways to stave off the dreaded #impostersyndrome, and this is what I’ve come up with.

Ways to Pull Yourself out of Imposter Town

  • Start talking nicely to yourself. You are blessed. Your work is progressing. You have moments of brilliance. You enjoy expressing and creating. So when someone asks what you did on the weekend, you say “I painted a bloody cool landscape,” or “I wrote 1000 words. Couple hundred need working, but I’m pretty happy with what I did.”
    You need to value you and your creativity first and foremost.
  • Create and Express Weekly. Whether that is styling your work uniform different, trying a new recipe or working on a tutorial in your chosen field, you need to create. Those muses aren’t gonna come a knocking if you don’t give them a reason to sweety.
  • Build your Community. Talk to your creative friends. Share your woes, pump each other up and then go back out there and create. You are not alone in your struggles. Nor does it make you special. What does though, is your ability to inspire others with your perseverance and dedication to fun and enjoyment and growth.
  • Take a Class. Nobody wants to feel stifled or stagnant. Not sure on how to take your creativity into a digital marketplace? Find a class. Not sure how to write copy for your blogs? Find a class. Terrified of paying tax? Find a class. Not all of them have to be creative aligned, as learning the intricacies of being small business peeps can be hard. So continue to learn and dominate darling.

Now don’t get me wrong. The silly thoughts do still sometimes come back. And it is hard.

But, I know if I continue to create, share with my community, and grow within my discipline, the effects of #impostersyndrome lesson with each #attack.

What do you do, to kick Impostor Syndromes Butt?

Comment below lovelies,

S x