Feed Your Creativity Every Day

“Are you creative?”

Did you just see that? Shudders and sidelong glances filled the room. People uncertain on what that means and how they should answer.

A beautiful breakdown to this question is put forth by Sir Ken Robinson, who says most people mistake this question, for “Are you arty?”

But really, we are all creative in our every day lives. What I want you to do is consciously look at what and where you are being creative and appreciate the enjoyment you get out of it.
Then….how can we get that buzz more often.

“Being creative isn’t about your hair style or your style of dress. It’s about an attitude and a disposition to the work that you’re doing.” Sir Ken Robinson


This doesn’t have to look like a painting a day. Nor dance lessons fit in between your flower arranging classes.

Your creativity could be felt through expression, passion and enjoyment.
It could be subtle. Explosive. Quiet and lingering. Bold and sudden.

Whatever it is, you need it in your life.

In my life #teacherlife as Miss N, I wear patterns. Bright colours are matched with erratic patterns. Big scarves, bold necklaces and bigger hair. I create through self expression so that when you see me, there is no shadow of a doubt that that lass is a bundle of extroverted fun. Who knows how to enjoy moments, experiment and play.

Because in such a rigid arena that is public education system, where my day is dictated around meeting the needs of others, I need the opportunity to express and let my freak flag fly. I am also a good problem solver and communicator. Able to see a situation and adapt to find the best outcome. And that’s a creative ability people!

Years ago, I was finding I was so drained at the end of each day, that to go home and intentionally create, was sometimes too much. But when I did, I would experiment and explore and get so excited that I would bring it into my classroom, thus turning my own personal art exploration, into something I could do with my students.
Which while super cool and I was lucky I could do that. My creativity and expression was suddenly turned into another form of work. #blergh

So three years ago I did the oddest thing, which I don’t even remember why. I ordered a ukulele off the internet.
And for the last three years I have been teaching myself the ukulele.
And I bloody love it.

But maybe that’s a little too arty for you? Then how about my small moments….

My small moments of creativity involve writing our yearly Christmas Letter. That thing reads like an epic hero’s journey, Joseph Campbell would be proud of. I can make you feel safe to open up and tell me about your passions, telling me stories and thoughts you haven’t considered in a long time. If you give me a 12 step process to achieve a something, I will work hard to shave it down by minimum 4 steps and then create you a super easy to follow infographic because I am all about that #worksmarternotharder
I am always learning. Whether for work or play, this allows me the opportunities to make connections, meet new people and widen my perspectives.

Moments You Express Your Creativity

  • Pieces of flair on your work uniform CLICK HERE if you’re unsure of the reference
  • The dinners you cook each night, always experimenting, never the same
  • The problem solving you do to keep to deadlines, or blow others expectations out of the water
  • The arrangement of photos you put together to showcase a moment, event or idea
  • The Arts. Whether you experiment and express through music, visual arts, design, theatre, dance or technology. Doodling on a notepad while at work counts if you do it with intent.
  • The amazingness that is scientist, Katie Bouman and what she has just achieved with her team
  • Your ability to make your budget stretch each week

Sciency Things to Support Me

Sir Ken Robinson. If you do not know who he is, please CLICK HERE to have your mind blown. (this is only a small snippet of the genius that is Robinson, do me a favour, fall down the rabbit hole that is Robinson, and when you crawl out again, come and thank me.)
Robinson is an educator who focuses on the idea of creativity. Having worked with schools, universities, businesses, governments and more, the man is a bit of an expert on it.
With fantastic lines like

“Creativity is as important as Literacy.” Sir Ken Robinson


“We have sold ourselves into a fast food model of education, and it’s impoverishing our spirit and our energies as much as fast food is depleting our physical bodies.”  Sir Ken Robinson

Now with this second quote. Take out the word education, and replace it with life.
How do you feel?
Is your world built around instant gratification and outsourcing?
Or are there elements in there where you enjoy the process and problem solving that comes with the human touch.

What Can You do For You?

  • I hate cooking and knew our meals where getting super boring and repetitive. So in a move to change up our meals, save money and watch our portion control, I signed us up to HelloFresh. And we love it. Not only does it make me slow down and enjoy the process (the meals are super quick) but it allows me to experiment and try new things. #winner
  • Make that spotify playlist just for you. What do you need one for? Running? Studying? Your Engagement Party? Do it and enjoy the process
  • Buy a phone case that is functional and expresses something you enjoy. Don’t just go for the stock standard basic colour, find a something that if on the table, people know its yours.
  • Super strict work uniform? Happy Socks can make anyone’s day. Do it for you.

What do you do to realise and release your creative needs?

Let me know in the comments below

Much Love Darlings
Shannon x

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