A Mini Masterclass was My Awakening

Probably like a lot of you stumbling across this post, I’ve known for a long time.

I known I’ve wanted to be a writer since my first Terry Brooks. Or was it Sara Douglass, or Robin Hobb. Maybe Diana Gabaldon? Who knows really.

But what I do know, was that I would scribble in notebooks, fantasise about far off places and dastardly doings. I would construct character motivations based off happenings on the bus, or interactions with friends.

But I never did take myself seriously enough to put pen to paper.

Because I went to Uni to get a good job. I invested in me for a career and now I have a good job and am happy. #teacherlife

But there was always this itch.

Beautiful notebooks filled with scribbles and nonsense, Facebook groups dedicated to the one thing I wasn’t giving myself permission to pursue.

That was until I stumbled across Fiona McIntosh’s website.

Suddenly here was an opportunity. Permission. An allowance to pursue that which I had always denied myself.

Now if you don’t know Fiona McIntosh, I encourage you to CLICK HERE, read all about her, then organise to get a hold of one of her books. Buy it from a Dymocks if you’re in Australia #supportinglocals, have a taste test from your library, ask your friends to borrow their copies, whatever you need.

Because you’ll thank me.
Her books are just that good.

I got in contact with Fiona about her Masterclasses and enjoyed a prompt and informative back and forth while I umm’d and ahh’d about the whole thing.

And when I finally decided to make the plunge, was delighted at her response.

“Be terrified, be excited, be nauseous and inspired…all normal, all precisely what I need from you because you will be so motivated.  We shall get you onto that pathway to finishing your manuscript … and beyond to what comes next!” Fiona Mcintosh, Correspondance, 2017

2018 May Mini MasterClass

So in 2018, I picked up four ladies from the airport and drove us all out to country South Australia. And we spent the next few days absorbing as much as we could, from one of the greats.

Not only did she go through the basic fundamentals you can learn in any #howtoguide, she gave us the insight and knowledge that only comes with working in the Australian commercial fiction writing scene for over twenty years.

She read over my first 10 pages before the conference and gave me very detailed feedback plus a 15 minute one on one. #spoilt

She spoke about how she started off in fantasy but is now enjoying having come in to her own in the Historical Women’s Fiction scene. She has dabbled in crime writing and is a big advocate of having been to wherever it is that you are writing. Follow her on social media and you will see she is nigh on industrious with her research all over the globe.

There and Back Again

Since that amazing weekend away, I have

  • written over 90k – currently doing a read through edit and planning on having a further 20k written by the end of 2019.
  • have the opportunity to pitch to potential publishers in October #soibettergetwriting
  • have learnt so much about myself – #icandothis #ienjoydoingthis #iwanttodothis
  • built a bloody supportive community along the way. From the ladies I studied with on that weekend, to my social media community, it has been so lovely to meet like minded people, or even people in my own community who are cheering me on.
While it may be silly to say, Fiona gave me permission to write and I am so grateful to her.

The little gremlins that run about our heads telling us we’re not good enough, don’t know enough, aren’t talented enough all where self sabotaging in keeping me away from something I truly love and enjoy.

Am I going to try hard to become a published author?

You’re darn tooting I am!

Is it going to require a lot of hard work, sweat, a few tears, more laughs and patience?

Darn tooting to that too!

But I want this and I now have a road map for me.

So just try and stop me

If this now, is our last parting, let me say
It was worth every dollar
I would do it again
I would recommend it to anyone; at any stage of their writing career
The choice is yours,

If you are interested in learning more about Fiona’s masterclasses CLICK HERE and check out what she has on offer. #notanad #justreallypumped

Get ready to be amazed, because they sell out so fast, and there are so many of her students who are now off doing amazing things in the commercial writing world. #kickingbutt

Have a fabulous day darlings,
Shannon x

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