Invest In Your Passions

If I rewrote this title once, I rewrote it a dozen times. Invest scares people off because it sounds like I’m demanding your money. Passions is such an intense word; what if you’re not sure if you have any.
First off, chill out.
Secondly, this post is for you.

Why do it?

Because you are worth it.

Oh you actually need more reasons then that? Are you sure? Because that is such a beautifully humbling reason, that really, you can just jump on down to the next section.

But in case you need a little more justification…

You are worthy and your passions are worthy.

Worthy of your time. Your love. Your finances. Your enjoyment.
Simple my darlings.

How to do it Without Spending $$$

I have and am on a budget. I have lived rurally. This isn’t some schmuck throwing ideas at you without having actually lived them. I have lived 142kms from my nearest McDonalds and 532kms from the capital of my state with dodgy internet and a demanding full time job that did everything it could to tear me away from investing in my passions.

But I fought back.
And I want you to, too.

Here are a just a few ideas on how you could deep dive into your passion, whether through learning, emmersing or living.

  • Your Local Library – For me, these guys where amazing. Didn’t matter how odd, old or new, they where able to get whatever it was, in for me. In South Australia, my membership also got me access to virtual learning opportunities such as or accessing magazines through RB Digital. Tell me that isn’t winning!
  • The Internets – Youtube. Blogs. FB Groups. Threads. Communities. Need I go on! And yes I do appreciate you need to pay for the internet… or you don’t because you use your local library. Or your mothers house. You choose.
  • Your Community – Does you interest have a group in town? Do they get together? Why not try it out! Learning from others in a supportive environment is one of the most basic of human needs. You form bonds, create a community and further develop your skills.

Shannon’s Highlight Reel of Investments

My Time

In her opening lines of Oprah’s podcast, Super Soul Conversations she sums it up pretty well for me. “I believe that one of the most valuable gifts you can give yourself, is time. Taking time to be more fully present. Your journey to become more inspired and connected, to the deeper world around us, starts right now.”
Take the time to learn. To practice and fail. To practice more. To experiment. To share. To create anew.
Spend your time on your passions.


Masterclass is an online learning space where you can select to learn from some really cool people in a whole variety of fields. It does cost $$ but dependent on sales etc, I felt the pricing was competitive enough for me to jump in.

James Patterson

This was the first one I did and I really enjoyed it. While I had only read one Patterson novel before, it was the first time I was able to listen, watch, pause, take notes and really just immerse myself in the teachings of an author. Sure I had read books or done little activities online. But there is nothing like hearing a prolific great, discuss an area of which you love in such depth.

Neil Gaiman

As a massive fan of #gorgeousgaiman, this was a beautiful opportunity for me to gain insight into his thought processes. His journey. How he crafted what he does and what drives him to continually create more. The man’s commercial career is nearly define-less and that truly excites me.

Fiona McIntosh Mini Master Class

Other then going to University for four and a half years, this has been the second biggest investment I have made into me. By doing this course, I learnt from a commercial writing great. I found and strengthened the most loving of writing communities for me. I proved to myself that I was worthy. And for me, it was worth every dollar.
CLICK HERE to read more about my weekend with McIntosh.


WriterSA is my states writing organisation and I really enjoy all that they do. I have been to a couple of their classes which where fantastic. Their emails are always informative and there is so much on offer. I could attend meet ups, have my manuscript assessed, apply for a mentor and so much more. The fee is quite small for all of the opportunities it brings, even in just meeting other writers at these events, it is nigh on invaluable for me.

Social Media

Feels like an odd one, I know; but stay with me here. My social media presence, #whilesmall, has opened me up to new people, opportunities and insights into my self. This investment into my passions, has pushed me to stick to schedules, interact with online communities, articulate my wants and solidify my why’s.
Whether #instagram, #facebook or #thisherewebsite, these platforms have given me opportunities, that had I not put myself out there, I never would have realised.

Pause, ReAlign, Go

Has this post made you stop and think about how you are investing in YOU?

Not just in your work life or role in your family.

But in your passions?

Whether you are spending $$ or not, you need to give your soul the opportunity to grow and be nourished through your time and love.

Now go off and invest in You.

Much Love Darling,
Shannon x

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