Why Write A Novel?

Now when I say I get asked this one quite a bit, I need to give you a little context.
I don’t go around telling everyone I am writing one. Hell, right now I am only 80k in and drafting my first chapters to have a friend or two to read and help me realign! #willcontinue #smallsteps #ivegotthis
But when it does come up, because someones seen my #instagram, or my darling mother has told them; I struggle with what to say.
Which if you’ve met me, you’ll realise is near on impossible.

Because everyone wants to hear you say “I want to become a professional writer”, so they can have that moment.
You know the one…

  • Oh but isn’t that hard?
  • Doesn’t that depend on trends?
  • Can you even write well? Like you know, good enough? #usuallysaidlikeenuf
  • But you have such a good job…
  • What, are you like bored or something?

And I smile and nod and dependent on the person, the situation, the context, depends on my answer.
But right here, right now, my answer is…

Because I want to

And yes, I do want to one day be in a place where I am able to traditionally publish my work. Where I work to deadlines and I create commercial fiction that is enjoyed by people.
Yes I know it is hard work, and I am enjoying learning.
I am loving

  • reading all of the books on how to write
  • listening to all of the podcasts
  • attending all of the workshops, conferences, write ins, meet ups I can get to
  • talking to people who enjoy my genre about my ideas
  • actually writing #shockhorror
  • refining my chapters so that they have intent and character voice and a real sense of time and place
  • and just learning. Learning to get better at a new thing

And I will get there. Maybe not to your idea of a timeline, which if I’m being honest, I do have to constantly remind myself also, but when I am ready.

Create don’t consume

I am an arts teacher. I paint, draw, sculpt #badly, lino print, analyse art and discuss the latest trends. I love homages, parodies and take offs. I enjoy identifying peoples inspirations and talking about people pursuing their passions.
And writing is a passion for me.
As a big believer in #createnotconsume, so every year I dedicate time and energy to learning and having a go at new things. I identify what it is, I pencil it into my goals board, and then at some point in the year; I have a go.
Some have been one off, and some have continued as a new passions I enjoy pursuing
Things like

  • candle making
  • hand embroidery
  • ukulele playing
  • jam making
  • singing
  • writing
  • abstract watercolours
  • machine sewing
  • meditation
  • and so much more

And what I realised was, I love to create. To refine and push my capabilities. And writing was one that I kept going back to and learning more about and writing my ideas down everywhere.

Story Synopsis

As of right now, April 2019, this is my draft novel synopsis. I am working on refining and tightening this, but it gives you an idea of what I am working on and hopefully makes you want to read it when I’m done! #youknowyoudo

Torn from her family and stripped of her culture, Amara must rescue a kidnapped child to protect a herd of disfigured dragons she has come to love from being sacrificed in the new world order.
With the threat of Civil War approaching, she will choose a side; the tribe that forgot her, or the ruthless colonisers who stole her.

And while I like that. I also know I can make it better. And I am excited to get there.

Why the Hell Not?

As to the original questions, Why Write a Novel? Why do anything? Because I enjoy writing, I have so many ideas I want to share with you and really, why the hell not.

Much Love Darlings
Shannon x